Friday, December 2, 2011


"Last Christmas I gave you my heart
But the very next day you gave it away
This year , to save from tears
I'll give it to someone special"

i was then relieve, as i was reading the comical blog from one of my favorite blooger...his a teacher...his really COOL! not just the word on its sense but his really is something!his 24 and his very TALENTED! i have my screaming tonsils because of his works, before i was not interested on his blog post,i thought Mudrax was his wife, i ended up embarrassing myself again, so typically she was his MOM after was that eh?...
i kinda find him Awesome because before, iv'e been torn apart on choosing a course my ever love Teaching or taking Information Tech. then i ended up enrolling on the 2nd one...i really like his art and works...specially the lessons on his funny comical post...his an artist...a truly one in nature and its true looking forward for his next post...his driving me crazy a lil'bit , it takes my boredom...i was like , cant stop laughing reading on his blog...its somehow my MEDICATION...nice!!!!
far cry from that, on the pacific view ^^ i can almost count from my fingers the days before Christmas, why cant i stop talking about it, eh? hmmm, i envy my friend, he now reach his goal, to find a partner...Lolz! but i dont take it as pressure...knowing i was left alone from the circle of friends WITHOUT a boyfriend...gosh...hahaha should i pressure myself? hmmm,bet no, my target is in when im 27 and im very old that time, and when that happens all those handsome pepz are gone, scared eh? KIDDING!
yeah maybe if Prince could have been here maybe it wont be a very bad idea...but my friend is far from here like he was on the other side of the world and im here on the Phil.s, i really dont think it will work and turn out okay... 

im having a blogging backlog! ... im almost got my lips ripped off right now... i dont notice i was dehydrated and myl lipes were cracking... so i forgot my med's again?and im too lame to get it on my bag...i can still take it...well, im worried about lots of things lately, maybe thats been the reason why im sickly for this past few weeks...but thankfully im very very okay now, not to count yesterday, twas hilarious! haha i almost got my head burst because it really hurts and i cant even open my eyes properly...i wanted to sleep but i cant...i lean on on my desk but still it isnt working on me...i want this one to be long enough...but i cant even think of something, everything thats been on my head throughout this day is going home early and celebrate the birthday of my cousin! im super excited...we got to celebrate her birthday today, instead yesterday cause were all busy, shes studying and im we will have a separate celebration tonight...
cant wait to go home...and have a girls pig night party! just in my room...singing like dope the whole night and talking like theres no tomorrow! oh man!im drooling...hahah kidding!
 this is our favorite food...
a taste of compassion LOLZ!


  1. haluuu salamat sa pagbisita sa blog ko. :)

    Hmmm si ser mots po ba yung tinutukoy niyo sa post? hehe idol ko din siya, galing noh!

    nga pala, with regards dun sa comment mo sa post ko, my follow button po sa right side nung blog, baka po natagalan lang mag load or you can copy my url para i-add sa follow list mo. Salamat po ng marami :)

  2. haha yeah! si Mots nga! iv'e been an avid reader of his work...nakaka boost ng energy while working! and i kinda love reading your blog too...nice knowing you


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