Wednesday, November 30, 2011


well, i guess im okay already...hahahah just laugh about it...theres nothing really worth the bitterness...lets enjoy i took back what iv'e said ah! i wont give in to the tempt! haha 
i was thinking on deleting the post but its something not that necessary anymore...its no big deal anyways...^^ 
hmmm bye November! its been a sickly but super Fun-tastic month of the year for regrets at all... cheers! 

November 2011 , its been a great month for me, iv'e been trough my ups and downs...i never thought also that this month will be full of adventure...its nice to know that as the year comes to its halt, i still have my cool friends with me...through thick and thin...always there to just feel each others existence...they were all awesome on their own way... 

and as the month ends ... im looking forward for a more better December 2011... its been a great year...
and its been a rollercoaster ride...i wish to see those faces again soon...and im kinda thinking again also to cutting my hey!iv'e been wanting my hair to be fall off a decade ago?....hell yeah! hahah and i havent given that reward to myself since im too busy in the office and too busy attending gigs with my friends and family gathering! how was that?...muaaaah love yourself more so that you can see the clarity of stuffs on your face! haha i just dont know why on that 3 days iv'e given in too much emotions to that stupid intuition...pity on me ^^ and lastlly...HELLO DECEMBER! ITS CHRISTMAS TIME!!!! YEPEY! 
wanna share this pictures...


EVER COOL MOMMA!  + Harvey the stingy puppy

coolness?yeah right...
so this comes to an end fella...nice to post soon...ciao november...happy december!
Cherie Ann Lines

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