Friday, November 25, 2011


i thought i was okay...since i already gone out with friends last Sunday...but then, Monday this week i was suffering from cough and at that moment i also got colds...then i take my med's and the colds gone but my cough stays with me till now...and its freakin annoying cause i cant sleep well at night...worst thing is that i always woke up late at night like around 12 then i cant sleep back again, till almost 2 am in the morning...its like..OH MY GOSH!why cant i be okay...ive gone to the doctor already and still no progress...maybe this is a bacteria from the air...and tonight i will consult a doctor about this...there's something stinging on my throat... ^^

im in the office right now, and im so sleepy...i dont want to take more caffeine  cause i know there's an extra effect if you take too much of it...and i always ask my momma...can i bring a pillow to the office? then she would say NO!you'll just sleep there and its not allowed,can you just grow up...haha  before i was very candid...iv'e grown up already but still before i dont give up on my candid innocent cause for me, its very important...i just dont know why... i prefer to be innocent and candid so that i cant hurt someones feeling and candid but wise enough, than being mature on ways but so immature on thoughts...well every one of us has its own ways of surpassing their boredom...
before when i was just starting my job was very boring since i dont have anyone to talk to, its very boring cause all i can see is the 4 quarters of the office and i was just browsing unto different sites just to let myself not to get bored...i also played whack your boss haha its funny and for me its not good to play for children its very violent...and im playing it right now and i was like OH! MY!...NO! OH GOSH...WHAT THE! haha thats my expression every time the person whack the boss...the violence was so intense... i suggest to play club penguin...its my favorite virtual game...user friendly and it will take you back in time...a very friendly takes away my boredom...
i was on my fb today...and i saw that confusing someone again...and the weird thing again is that my smile is up to the sides of my face when i saw something... its really weird...OHMYGOSH! cant handle it anymore soon haha need to set this one aside avoid wrong premonition...^^
im looking forward to watch movies this weekend...iv'e already missed tons of awesome movies for a month and i just want to unwind and fill that missing part on my passion with movies...i want my me time back again..>^^ hope the DVD wont get over heated again this was that eh?...^^

Cherie Ann Lines 

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