Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I was like catching up with everything because of the days i haven't finish posting... im on a run because my friends might check my page and i told them that i will definitely update them... i guess this will require a lot of work to do, i have best-friends in different places of the earth right now... and im happy for them, i feel happy whenever they achieve something... we might be very busy but the thoughts still keeps us in touch with each and everyone...while me, and my high-school friends comes up with an idea of a  reunion that will took place next Sunday  Nov.21 and its really final...im gonna paint my calendar red so i wont forget about it...it will took place on Palm-beach...its a place where everyone unwind away from the city... its one of the busiest beach in Cebu...^^

It's funny when i buy lunch inside the mall, before they just smile, because all im buying is veggies or fish... then sometimes, they already know what i want... have you seen the food i posted ever since i started this blog... you will see that most of the food i purchase is stuff with veggie, that's because thats how i live healthy... and i need to cleanse my body because i think the toxins should be taken out from our body and i know i should cause im really a soda taker... like Coke and Pepsi... almost everyday i drink soda... then theres one time that i was having some tasteless due to the caffeine ive gotten from over drinking soda... and i also drink coffee a lot while in the office so it adds more to the stress i need to ex foliate also...  i need to be more careful about my health cause i believe this is the important factor of my self to do all the work... we all need to take vitamins also to sustain every speed-bumps we might able to meet in the passage of life...  we must love ourselves more than anything else...

like this one, you can order this through Majestic - Robinsons mall Cebu... one of the best lechon kawali on the block hah ^^

i think, Lechon will always be a part of every Filipino crave dishes, whether the occasion is Happy, Not so Good, Fiesta, Gathering ( small or large  crowd), everyone when goes to a get together always excited for the lechon... Oh man! for me, its one of the most and the best of the Sinful food we take... its very delish but too much Lech..will kill you...^^ kidding aside im awfully right anyways... aren't i?...^^

with this one , what i love about it is that the sauce and the not overcooked stuff, very accurate cooked lechon kawali.. i love the pork skin  and the sauce...^^ super sa hype sweetie... well, thats all for now... 

lets toast for NOVEMBER 2011! one more month to go... then its Christmas time and time to say Hello 2012... thank God, i gotta have this chance to celebrate a day... with all the grace and good health He has given to me and to my family...

FELIZ NOVIEMBRE ...HAPPY NOVEMBER... this is how we say it in Spanish...i also learn a little bit of the Spanish language... just quite a bit... not really the thought of it...^^

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