Thursday, November 3, 2011


Its Pig out night! yeah, i was so full last night... its my managers birthday... we had a blast then i almost got to vomit everything i take that night after minutes taking all those salads she gave me... oh man! the cheese are grossy...^^

She had lechon and woaaH! Bernadette Lechon is one of the best here in Cebu... the crispiness and the taste it makes me droll again... i remember im not eating anything less than the Lechon... i cant get over...
i think i should have a water therapy... to cleanse the fatz and carbz ive taken last night...well, for me its one of the best effective therapy for our body... just take lots of water... to gain all the nutrients and take out all the excess we've take... well this is the lechon... oh my!

one of the best lechon in Cebu- fri\om Bernadette's lechon

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