Monday, November 21, 2011


its FUN! FUN! FUN! i was very busy this past few days i had a bunch of stuffs to deal with...
last Sunday. we had a get together party with my friends and colleagues  at the was an all out jam packed with them,but sadly my voice didn't go with the flow,but at least my fever was okay until saturday so im ok last sunday...its just that i got a horse sucks but it didnt stop me from having fun with them...actually, i really dont know excatly, why it took us till dusk since were just laughing,talking and the guys were drinking...and some of the girls do also, but i wasnt able to drink cause i dont want to get sick again, its such traumatizing when you get sick and you want to have fun...
i cant explain how happy i was last sunday, seeing my friends again, and got to see old faces back then...and knowing all of them were sooooo COOL! ... present on that day were : 
                        * Wevino Lumpac,Ronaline Paraiso, Jordan Paraiso, Mark Jason Basabe, 
                      Mitchel Sy (who arived late due to hectic sched with her work and shes awesome man!
                  Catherine Pantonial, Fulgencio Alidon(who's late also because his working on sunday ), 
                 Stella Marie Navales , Ethyl, Joan Prangos, Christian Cabalan, Alex Basalo, Rj Unabia,
                  Rocky Sellon, Eliza Nebria, Polangco brothers / Johnny & Sonny Boy Polangco, 
                    Apple Tecson, Kathlene /Bhadz, Devil(i forgot his full name) , Ricardo Baynas, Adrian Racho,
                Mayette Inot, Al Christopher Estrada/with his wife, Hirbert , Anabeza Analiza...

they were all my unfaded friends...maybe we dont see eachother often, but still the sincerity is so genuine...they were all awesome! and im so happy to see them again...were looking forward to have an alumni next year...and im looking forward on seeing them soon also...^^ im still on the hype with them...and i miss them...  

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