Friday, August 12, 2011

good taste and spice

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."
-Albert Einstein 

Do you understand this sentence? if you do your wise enough but if you dont its like hanging yourself in dumbness and stupidity. I like this phrase cause there are some instances in my life that i can apply this. really true that what matter most are best seen afterwards if we dont execute things right. Actually there is no need for us to make perfect, but instead we need to do something so we can almost be perfect. not using the word "AT LEAST" for me this word is something we use to cover-up our mistakes, our shortcomings, and our  failures.
I cant think of an appropriate word to use to explain my self at this very moment there are lots of things popping out in my head right now, i can see chaos i really dont understand i cant think clearly. im so drained but still i gotta get going, i still have a long day and i will just smile to make myself better.
Now i feel better, maybe i can finish this post while listening to music now,i still have a very long papers to encode and i think im almost down i cant help my eyes hahahha really boring here in the office right now.
Or its just i feel there is something i dont understand...why do people need to lie? one thing i really hate about a person is lying i really hate liars! but its their nature we cant do anything about it anyways hahah its not problem, oh my! im going nowhere already, im writing nonsense haha gotta go baby blog love ya...
current mood : Sipping coffee and writing stuffs in my kinda sound crazy a lil'bit rigth now                                                                                                     
And ive been freakin out searching for the right coffee till i got this one hahaha you know my thing and coffee is not everybody s cup of tea. woshy golly  Its really nice that for once in a while we need to drink a cup of coffee to boost your energy
the scallops really taste good i could still taste it in my throat
i remember eating this last July 26,2011
i still have loads of pictures from that day to upload from
this is the only one i have for now
superb yummy!hpye!
i can still flashback the food see the scallops? ive had loads of it i think i ate 3 pcs i think and there season cocktail oh man!overload and im bursting with the taste. cant wait to upload my pictures so u can see how much did i ate hahhaha burrpppp well excuse me ^^
                                                                                               Cherie Ann Lines ^^

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