Wednesday, August 10, 2011

chitchat with my friend Bobby

Actually there is nothing too  much interesting  to know about me, im just a simple woman who wants nothing but to travel around the globe. my dream may sound pathetic to some people but for me its very important and precious. maybe this dream of mine is one of the reason why i want to be single for now, because im afraid i cant and i may bot see the world if i get into relationship. for me when someone gets into relationship, everything around you changes, you need to do your part in the relationship, that is why i cant be involve   at any cause i can hurt someone for the reason i cant handle the situation, why i cant? cause im not ready to go into realtionship and i dont know how, if i know maybe less than other normal people know how. i dont want to cause i know i will hurt the person if ever i do get into it. but it really dont matter to me at this time in my life, it never crosses in my mind seeing myself with someone else i dont know how i manage like this and why i feel nothing about loving. until yesterday, a friend of mind his name is BOBBY explains to me :

BOBBY: it is because you already set your mind to more important things that you think it is in your life, you have lots of things you wanna do and prove and you look beyond today
CHERIE : am i that heartless?
BOBBY : no your sweet but as i had say, the love you had in your heart is not like others, you have a broad understanding about love that is why your not in a hurry when it comes to relationship
CHERIE : why do others,they cant stay single?why me im happy to be like this?
 BOBBY : because,you have dreams ahead of you,you have your goal in life in your head, you aim something for your self, your family and for your future
CHERIE : so you think im normal?
BOBBY : hahah yes of course that is so normal!

i will get there no matter how long i wait just wait - Cherie
that is just some of the conversation that i remember, Bobby is a 40 year old man, we work in the same company and his a gay, a God fearing man, i look up to him when it comes to words of wisdom, sometimes i hardly understand his term i hardly understand Visayan dialect, so he laughs because i look so dumb hahah his like my uncle i just like to talk to him ask some stuff that are not necessary well that is how boring i am.

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