Wednesday, August 17, 2011

my refuge!

Someone says its not true if you say "im single because its my choice because its difficult to control everything  but for me its not like that, why can I do it? why can TRU LOVE WAITS members can do it? why do priest and nuns can do it?  simply because its our choice and contented "
On the other hand for me its not just a choice its my covenant to myself, i love someone already before but it did not end up into relationship because i choice too, and i stick to my intuition and instinct, base on that its not that difficult not hurting the one i love and not get hurt on the other hand. it more on being happy than hurting someones feeling. its really amazing to not test someones feeling and someones boundary
i dont have any doubt of my happiness cause God has been good to me all through my life, even though sometimes i feel out of place if i see couples. its natural to feel like that but im not ENVIOUS so thats make the difference from feeling out of place yet happy and not envious than envy people i dont know.
If i had my time i just stare at my mothers face it makes me feel relieve at a certain point in my life cause she reminds me how i pursue my self affirmation its not that easy cause their are a lot of allurement throughout our lives, but it will make varied for something and someones life if we choose TO or NOT TO.
People sometimes misapprehend my way of dealing with others how i am so harsh on other things and how im being understood.
Wanna share this pictures i had this at the first quarter of this year catching up with my friends and if i feel bored or sad i just go out and eat stuffs specially this love of mine see for yourself the stuff i love to eat: thanks to RAL C., i love eating with you girl! Aris & Vicente please envy the food hahahah my Frappe dude please send it to me miss you guys envy my food ok!and dont drool please!control yourself hahah just kidding man!enjoy!
*this pictures are taken from our favorite resto in cebu city specially ayala and grill houses 

Broccoli and Sun-dried Tomato Pasta with Basil from Cafe George (Cebu)

Cheese & Garlic Quesedillas from Moon Cafe (Cebu
he famous Warm Brownie Cup from La Marea in Cebu!

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My favorites from Cupcakes by Sonja- Vanilla and Red Velvet!

Lumpiang Hubad from C2 Philippines

Vegetarian Pizza from Roma Mia (Ayala Center Cebu)

Verdure salad from Cibo

Forgot the name of this one but it's got to be the best warm brownie + caramel + vanilla ice cream + choc syrup combination EVER!!! Only in Cyma!

I hope ive given you enough from my secrets i love food so much and thats my weakness yummy food and ice creams and thats my refuge if i feel sad and feeling my blues...chioooossss gotta goes....bye baby blog gotta go back to work...

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