Tuesday, August 9, 2011

my covenant

nice to held my hand to yours 
thanks im not so busy right now, i gotta chance to visit my blog, their are things in my life now that i think makes me happy despite the fact i have my own self issues, but yesterday i was CHOKE by my own self drama, because for once i remember my covenant that i forgotten for a longer period of time. when i saw it, i was like "Oh my!i really forgot!what happen?" it feels like i got a taste of my own medicine, and it seems like a bolt of lightning that hits me and struck me shivering, look around and snap my forehead 'man!why did i forgot about it?!'
so maybe its the reason why i was so empty...because i forgot something very important in my life, my covenant to GOD and to myself, i forgot that i was one of the TRU LOVE WAITS people, ive forgot all about it, how did i forgot about it?! then i was given the realization ITS YOUR TEST but then i've pass the quest...and it feels so relaxing i am so cool about it now, for sake! i know myself now and remember everything now, seems ive been through amnesia. theirs more to my life than the bad things,i forgot a lot of things that brought me here.
my friend ask me if i can take him,maybe he took it the wrong way when i said NO THATS IMPOSSIBLE... for me his important, i know his worth in my life, his been very good to me, i cant trade that to a shirt period of time together and broke that connection after if were not cool with each other anymore,nah i cant say YES to that, i'd rather have him as my friend this time than loose him as my close friend, at least in him i found a real friend, his not perfect but at least he tries to understand me, even if sometimes he really pissed me  off,. he thinks because im jealous 'cause she got a girlfriend now,heck i dont! im just hateful cause he never tells me, but in the end i will tell my self Hey!why would he tell you,hahah im do over reacting to something because i dont see my friends when i started working but honestly i dont imagine myself turning my back at my friends, they are all i've got.
But i know i haven't seen someone yet that makes me contradict to my instinct, i simply put in my mind that a guy who loves a woman are man enough to wait for her if not then the man is not worth everything the woman had. its like hey i wanna save my last dance with you but for me its like im saving my first and my last dance with you. see the difference? im tough because at the end of the day only yourself can understand you. if i say something i will do my best not to broke that, strong words comes out in my mouth when it comes to certain issues but thats my prerogative it can never be taken away from me.
Ive already admire someone called Prince i say i love him but that is a different meaning of love, you know i have a wild and broad mind set i dont know why, i take different side and look unto different dimensions that is why i have different reactions into different aspects...
I just hope i wont forget the covenant again so i wont feel empty and i will continue to look forward to good horizons...
                                                                                                     cherie ann lines ...

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