Thursday, August 11, 2011

nice morning

Smile to keep a long day not so boring. i remember i smile this morning, so hopefully i gotta do this the whole day today.
What i realized about my work here in the office is that i can control my temper, its very fulfilling because im the kind of person that easily get mad angry very hot tempered, i cant control well my emotions reactions and i really divulge what i feel easily but when i started working here totally changes i encounter. why and how? its because i got to deal and talk to every other kind of people everyday, and
nice to be free and to be yourself 
damn a person really have bad and ugly side, but still no matter how lame the person was, i should stay CHILL & COOL to get going with my work, if some people really gets into my skin wow man! i just take a deep breath and then turn to the person and then talk nicely even if my tempers gonna burst out,see im so proud to myself because never in my dreams i think i can control my temper but im so happy about this little changes cause i gotta see and meet different kinds of personality. and for me its an achievement  cause i gotta used to this and it molds a better me...muaaaah morning baby blog gotta go and finish my work    

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