Friday, August 5, 2011

my Prince

HAPPY ...what an awesome feeling,for the past few months and decades im so aloof an feels lost unto something, disappointed on some areas in life aspects expectations frustrations regrets awful terrified feared alone boredom all the misfortunes i never thought it was...when all that strikes me yesterday it was all worth it... why i said so? simply because someone finally knows my worth, and believes in me more than i do, knows what i deserve than i know, sees the possibilities in my action, thats just some of it, i cant elaborate more from it, im so relieve knowing the person stood up to me yesterday really the person i look up to, those words that comes up to him is really touching in a way he didn't notice he gives my self confidence back that no one ever did before.
I cant imagine the whole day i was staring at him the whole time his been doing this does that oh my gosh! i dont even realize its already dusk that i need to get off from my seat and leave the office to go home. his so OH MY to me hahah kinda weird i know the person and me is too far from reality and too good to be true but no one can take my appreciation to him his my PRINCE he knows everything about computer that makes him so handsome hahah his so ASTIG! & so COOL and a person full of about that eh! hahah cant stop admiring him, now i cant wonder why im still single because im so fond at him, the man means everything to me. HE taught me well, i understand more from him, every time he speaks all words means something and will learn from it. Even if i know his too far to reach a hand were friends anyways and thats all that matters. 
Sometimes i do wish my system would bug down so he would come and gives rescue so i can watch him doing stuffs he used to. hahha how selfish of me but kidding aside this man really boost my confidence he inspires me so much that i wanna be like him a man full of determination on his veins and we jive fast no need to boggles everything so much straight to the point no boring moments with him at all cant stop saying IF WE ONLY MEET ME FIRST hahah so much of me! gosh im so dumb-headed i have my tongue tied  whenever he talks i goes like uhm, ah... ok...what? oh no, oh!sorry.. nad stumbles he really knocks me unto my feet but its still finds to him, he never laugh at that instead he tells me the truth and that makes him so lovable hahhah how lame i am right now talking stuffs i dont used to do but it makes me feel light when i write things well and express my self correctly and last thing he gives me a thumbs up for doing my thing OH MY GOSH! i ddint notice i was blushing yesterday hahhah gotta zip my mouth already
lastly, im looking forward to have some chitchat a lil'bit next time to him, talk more and listen more from his interesting speeches, shares truth about life and most importantly we have the same goal and aim in life that sparks the connection im super EXCITED and ecstatic to see him again YEPEY!
                                                                                                                   cherie ann lines ^^
wanna hold your hand just like this till the end

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