Wednesday, August 10, 2011

torn between passion and decision and love

This is what im talking about! hurting someone important to you. oh my golly wow! so crap last night, my friend ask me if we can have a relationship, oh man! i cant really explain everything to him. Hurting someone makes me stay away in a relationship, i dont want to hurt someone and i dont want anyone who will hurt me,not at all. they say you will not know what love is if you will not experience nice and worst things in life, so that is my point! i dont see myself having some relationship right now,for me it is way too far and way too soon, his my friend and i dont want to disappoint him in the future, its not that i dont like him, i just dont want to. maybe he has taken me the wrong way,he may misunderstood all the stuffs i act. his important to me and hope he understand but things are done already and said, i cant bring back last night but if it will happen again i will say no again there is no way i will broke what i've said. he hurt me once i dont want to get hurt by him again cause his special to me, i just want to leave it like that,guys will be always guys... i want to preserve what we have right now, but he took it on the wrong way, he misunderstood what i say.
Why cant i take him? maybe because from way back then he never waited for me,i ask him to give me time but sad to say his on his way catching waves and so i know, that makes me hold back from him, like i said from the past if someone hurts me, i wont let that person hurt me again. and as i look back he has lots of girls my gosh! it drives my head off the ground thinking all of that stuff. and besides i have my head full of loads and tons of personal problems, i dont want to have more complicated matters .
Maybe his right im afraid to love but it is my choice and this is what i love the most, chasing my dreams while still young thats my prerogative in life, maybe maybe maybe...thats been said and done. i dont have any intentions to hurt him, and make him mad at me, but see what is the outcome? he never give a damn i just pissed hm off. thats the end of the line. i dont feel awful, it doesn't mean im so heartless but im just telling him the truth it will be more awful if i give him false expectations. but his my friend a close friend indeed i dont want to loose him, i hope he understand me.
you know,people have different outlook in life, im weird, i have a broad understanding about how will live my life, i just hope people who loves me understand the nature of what i really want to. if someone loves me purely that person can wait at the right time. but for now i dont think i have the guts to go into situations like that. maybe if someone proves to me he has his strong affirmation, lets just see how it goes but for now i will be working back hahhaha cheer up Cherie baby life is good!
love for someone has its own mystery 
                                                                                                                         cherie ann lines


  1. when people get hurt they put up walls so that they can't get hurt again. when you do that you cause pain to others and they cause pain to you because you won't allow their love. you must forgive your friends and send them your love, lest they resent you, causing further divide and hurt for everyone. maybe he hurt you then, but he is here now, and that shows that deep down he really cares for you. he didn't forget about you.

    as we near our own demise, we find that we have been concentrating on the wrong things(resent, anger, loss, fear). with such little time left, we find that all we want to do is hold each other close and enjoy every moment until there are none left to have...

    Well, i guess this is farewell. with every meeting comes a parting. whether a parting be forever or merely for a short while, that is up to you.

    with love, Matt

  2. thank you for that...totally agree of what you just said...
    sad thing is that you post here as an Anonymous... i should have thank you personally for the thoughts you've shared...dont worry all is well already...


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