Saturday, August 20, 2011

passion that runs in my vain blood

i am looking forward to an awesome weekend...i love saturdays and sundays 
while waiting for the time to strike 6 pm i make an art wanna share my thoughts and craft in my blog so i hope my friends and readers also find this nice...
my masterpiece for the day... VAIN ...
this is what i love doing 
stuffs related to my personality i want to see my new look next week ,i love to think that im gonna say goodbye to my hair its really pissing me off cause i cant breath i really wanted to cut this even before but no time so next week im gonna cut this off...phew!what a relief...
back to my masterpiece i call this "VAIN" i remember how vain i am when it comes to my hands and to food...
and im happy doing this one cause i remember now one of my favorite songs just this very moment this is the reason im sad the other day cant think clearly cause i forgot the title now i know it already cause as i was giving my masterpiece name the title of the song came popping up out in my fickle mind this is the song :
So you sailed away
Into a grey sky morning
Now I'm here to stay
Love can be so boring

Nothing's quite the same now
I just say your name now 

But it's not so bad
You're only the best I ever had
You don't want me back
You're just the best I ever had 

super love this song but this is not my favorite just happen that this song reminds me of Prince...Aries...Jasmine Caresse-JC...Vincent...Ivan...& all of my bestfriends i really miss our IT Masters group i wanna go after them, even if it took that a while for me to decide...i love doing our work...i envy them not because of their achievements but because they've got to do what they really wanna do and the reason why we took BSIT...i really miss them...
...wanna sleep and go home already ...Saturday's are the best days of the week for me cause thats the only day of the week that i can stay all night till dusk just to watch by Sunday morning i wake up very late hahahha thats all for kinda busy love love God always...

Cherie Ann Lines ^^   


  1. hellooooo! your blog its really amazing, i just understand you a lot, i love art. my life its all about art. its my way to express to feel and to conect with other people.

  2. hi! @dontmakethecut ...thank you for appreciating my blog , it really means a lot to me...haha cause i thought no one reads this...well i guess im somehow wrong haha again thank you! ^^


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