Friday, August 19, 2011

loving the scallops

This is taken during mama Flor's birthday, my auntie and with us her daughters and her granddaughter ICEY. 
Speaking of which, we all had fun during that night even though after how many minutes eating in the grill its raining heavy outside, thank God after that gush of wind and heavy pouring rain it stop when we decide to go home, i think its almost 10 pm but we really have fun. 
i love the food their my eyes are saying oh my!dont tempt my tummy hahaha i really love their season drinks and their scallops remember the picture i've posted last time its the other flavored one hmmmmm yummy i cant stop saying its super yummy  their food is so good!  wanna share the moment with the food i dont care anymore about how i look so drained in front of the camera i just want to eat hahahaha how lavish i was that night i forgot about the carbs anymore i just eat eat eat but most of all the important thing is that i did see on mama Poy's eyes the happiness i seldom see on her, i wish to God that she would have even more strength to live more and may she have good health she has everything,goos work family successful children  all i really ask for her is good health  and Gods guidance...enjoy the pictures...

taken during Flor's birthday w/ her apo & daughter Cherly

mama Poy w/ the shirt given from the grill because they
know its her bday,they gave her a souvenir 
waiting for the food hahhaha shes the celebrant 

i look like a monster here hahhaha never mind anyways 
see the drinks super good!

the scallops the squid i think the pasta the turkey
 and the grilled fish
with the season drinks

the evidence ive eaten too much that night
nice platter also
at this one i ask ate JANICE to take a picture at my plate i just love the scallops n it and the platter arrangement if you could just imagine my face that night cant imagine anyways but i can still taste what scallops taste

its Ate Cherly with mapoy , shes an engr. n shes calling her husband
that very moment shes so cool shes my idol shes so smart 

this is Icey daughter of ate Janice

ate Janice with her husband Marian and Icey

so i decided to cut my hair now cause i find myself look like a monster
i dont like my aura now 

on our way to go home

stroll in the grill with Icey i really find her cute
we both love disney and mr.bean how was that eh! 


love love love
ate janice Icey and mam Poy
super love the ambiance that night i hope to spend time there with my own family i want to bring my mother their mama ask that from me,maybe on her bday this oct. who knows i just hope i wont change my mind hahahha im really a ficle minded person...u cant plot something on me without digging more out and squezzing more ...bottttooommmlineeee -> LOVE IT! i miss my scallops
all pictures are taken last July 26 AA Grill...

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