Sunday, August 21, 2011

personality distorted

If this could have been an art to a person maybe that man knows to divulge a lil'bit from me...i really love to make something not so common about blogging i can say this is really my refuge my haven... 
this smokey rose simply symbolizes how i differ from what people used to think about me, i know they say im good but i also know other took my personality as strong as they cant take it anymore,something just like that! of course we cant please everybody and pleasing someone isn't my cup of tea anyways...
and the struggles i've been trough all the rough roads from the past that leads me where i am now and molds my strong personality  now, all of that makes me the person who i am today...
set all that aside, here is my piece the one above and this distorted rose hahah i love the effects

distorted Smokey Rose 
i didnt know i will make something like this that will be relevant to  my just keep popping u know...^^

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