Thursday, August 25, 2011

chasing dreams

i haven't write anything yet for this past few days, im busy on the other hand im into something 
something too much important to attend to and to focus to, all i can detailed for now is that i feel sorry for some things ive seen in real life problems maybe its not directly my problem but it cant be hold back from me, i can really feel the pain of my friend.
i feel bad foe them cause they obviously put everything all in just to achieve what they want but ended up betrayed by the person whom they trust to.
aside from that i feel so sad to myself, i really mis my friends, i mis working with them... i want to work with them but this problem right now in my way maybe it will hold me back for a little while but i promise next year im gonna be with them, i have my parents blessing already all i wait is next year hopefully at that time im prepared and more fit already with all the aspects i should know in life and be well equipped to things i should have known and should handle 
for now im gonna cut this thing off and be more clear tomorrow...bye baby blog gonna go now,im off to work bye...

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