Monday, August 8, 2011

how do i see like and love

First thing in mind is "i see it as a way to make people happy for a while and hurt them forever" its a heck thought  of mine,but thats is how i see it...people change just like how the color fades,how waves crash to the seashore and washes all away the footprints on the sand, how the weather changes so unpredictably, how the day turns to night, how people dress on style and how we think about the logic of simply that ironic to  me. Maybe because i was never love by the person im feeling for, but before someone jumps into and conclude the sentence does they know whats the reason i say that and feel that way? no they dont because people dont like to dig in complicated matters people loves SIMPLE and jumps into it not knowing whats the logic beyond what i say on the first place, they dont even understand what i've said because they dont listen. see the difference between the  REAL and the GOSSIP. it is like THIS WAY OR THE OTHER WAY...its your choice on how we deal into the road blocks of life.
this way or the other way around

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