Saturday, August 6, 2011


i was writing all this stuff in my blog, and as i was strolling around my page i stumble upon to some write ups i've madehahhaha kinda funny sometimes and others are i think boring to read.
i dont understand the picture at t he left it keep on moving hahhah im so weird. well thats how i described myself "WEIRD" like it? nah ah. its creepy but it suits just as me.
lot of things popping into my head like how do i spent my life in the next 40 years.hahhah kidding!
im eating cupcake right now wanna have some? eh no way.  by the way im ok with my so called ex-bestfriend now,but his not my best-friend anymore things between me and him aren't gonna be the same again. things been said and i've move on from that feeling towards the friendship i just left it behind. as i said from the past if the person hurts us once that will be for continuously  existing for the rest of your lives so when i get hurt i wont stick to that again, i will move on left it behind with no hard feelings because it will just cause us depression. the important thing for me and the most helpful way is to lift up your life to God ask his guidance and lift up your life, dont let yourself stuck to nonsense things. maybe they are right that i was never in a relationship but they just dont know i really do fall in love twice i guess . kinda funny huh,maybe its not normal to others to someone like me dont fall deeply in love. im containing myself to much. maybe at sometimes i say that maybe im regretting things sometimes but i really dont regret anything that i've decided. done. said. does. maybe the wrong thing, i should feel awful and regretful but to my right decisions wow as i look around im so proud and level headed when i walk because i didnt do anything to ruined someones life im contented happy fulfilled thankful. and so much blessed to what i have even if its not that broad right now i know someday i can explore what i really want. i just pray that God will continue to give guidance and enlighten my mind. wont let me drown by the worlds sham. and that he will continue to look after me. i know im hard to understand but still im waiting for something beautiful to happen in my life,hopefully by Gods will. ive seen and talked to the person that i was asking to him but were too good to be true his taken by someone else but still i really love the person. its not so me if i say im in love because that word only comes out in my mouth if its true but yeah, im not so deeply in love with him but im in love with him right now, because he gives my confidence back to me he never judge the bad side of me instead he tells me directly. and his good and he just man up himself. it will be forever a secret if who this guy is unless a bolt strikes the universe and i will meet him first hhhahah but still i feel OK because at least i know their are still people like him just like  i wanted because the truth is i really do think no one really exist. im gonna see him again soon, i just wish i wont stumble upon my feet the next time we talk. really looking forward to it. im done gotta go back to work again muaaaaah love my blog your my best-friend now at least you cant complain hahhaha 
waiting for someone to fit in just exactly
ive seen someone deserving to hold my hand but sad to say too late but still a very good sign hopefully the next someone will be empty handed so he wont drop my hand too soon to hold the other handful hand . sad? nah ah! not very much happy with my life at least i know how to be in love eh. i dont go crazy when it somes to love im just cool about it. not in a hurry                                                    
                                                                                                                    CHERIE ANN LINES ^^

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